Institutional Distinctiveness

MVCE is located near the Historical Place Padma fort on life line of Jharkhand N.H.-33, It is Recognized by — ERC (N.C.T.E.) Bhubaneswar, Odisha / Affiliated to —V.B.U. Hazaribag. While making policy and implementing them, care is taken to safeguard the interest of students, special care and attention to girls and those from poor background are specially trained for various competitive Examination. The Institution strives to empower today’s’ women and uphold universal moral and social values along with a number of other visions. This year too, the Institution has worked and achieved some milestones as a part of their social outreach activities. The four social outreach units have worked in coordination to try and touch lives in different strata of the society. This institutional distinctiveness of ours contributes to women empowerment and human resources amalgamation, leading to national development because in the absence of higher educational institutions denying admissions to average and below average students, naturally the girl students drop out rate will increase in higher education, which in the long run will contribute to be a hurdle in women’s development and empowerment.

Vision “Building competent creative and committed nation Builders for the future” MVCE is driven to provide excellent educational opportunities that are responsive to the needs of our students and empowers then to meet and exceeds challenges and provide special care and attention to girls, marginalized and minority section of the society and very interior part of chotanagpur as active participants.Our college focuses on innovation and creative approaches and continue to serve dedication in the field of education to meet the changing needs of society. Mission The mission of our institution is to provide platform to the student for inculation of knowledge, skills and abilities with academic development to create wisdom and encourage self learning. Self evalution and also to create abundant opportunities for cultural activities to be successful in this competitive world as a good teacher. Objectives • Impart education of the highest standard through value based teaching and learning. • To creates platform for student for exploring their creative potential and nurturing the • To create the strong belief in hard work and develop employable skills among students improve overall academic performance. • To became open minded to acquire competencies to meet the global challenges. • To acquire confidence and ability to play and organize school related community related programmes and activities. • To inculcate modern and scientific attitudes and outlook to meet the challenges of 21st century. Values • Dedication reflected in our work ethic and in our commitment to excellence. • Collaboration we focuses on internal and external partnerships and our capacity to create new fields of inquiry. • Empowering students- teachers relationship for nation building. • Inculcating the spirit of “Learning to know”, “Learning to do”, “Learning to live together”, and “Learning to be”. • To train the new generation teachers to preserve the spiritual values of Indian Society. • To promote the new student-teacher’s potentialities with a view to realize moral and socio cultural values of society.