Organizational Structure and Institutional bodies

At the apex in the organizational structure is the structure is the Secretary and Joint Secretary. The Secretary and Joint Secretary jointly proposes the major policy decisions and action plans to the Governing Body. The Governing Body then deliberates and discuss upon the Board’s decision which is usually arrived by consensus to the faculty and other stakeholders of the institution for the necessary feedback. Taking the feedbacks into account, the top management given an opportunity to every stakeholder of institution to participate in the decision making process of the institution. Internal Organizational Structure Governing Body Secretary Principal Academic Department Administrative Department Faculty Heads Head Assistant Faculties Teaching Staff Office Assistant Heads of Departments The Heads of Departments ensure that the plans communicated to them by the Principal are implemented systematically. Committees for cocurricular activities The committees are formed at the beginning of the year and are assigned the tasks according to the institutional plans, for the curricular activities that enhance overall development of students. Administrative Committees [Examinations, Scholarships, Purchase, Discipline, Sports, Admissions, Library, etc. For the smooth conduct of all administrative activities according to requirements of academic bodies and government rules, there are committees headed by senior faculty to guide the function.